post rock/new wave/neo psychedelic
Wichita, KS

“The band Vehicles sets a standard for guitar tone exploration amidst songs written for an audience keen on hooks and catchy melodies. ECHO, Vehicles' newest release, is a polished production in the musical vein of 80’s rock heroes like Simple Minds and Echo and the Bunnymen, but not far from Vehicles' contemporaries like The Killers and Foals.”

Torin Andersen, album reviews

“Cody (VEHICLES) really drew the audience in with his dialogue. It gave us a unique look behind the curtain of his reality. It made me realize two things. 1. That every song Vehicles writes is pure and has a deep meaning. 2. That I have a lot in common with the band. These songs resonate with you in a way that feels like I am experiencing his emotions.”

Ben Chambers, Tasty Bass music & live show review

“Vehicles are obviously talented; smart lyrics, expert instrumentation, and an original sound that both welcomes and pushes back. They save their crescendos for just the right moments.”

Nathan Cardiff, I heart local album/performance review

Upcoming Shows

Friday, March 19, 2021
Peerless - Wichita, KS

Saturday, March 20, 2021
Blue Note - Oklahoma City, OK



Single "Avalanche" from our upcoming album release.


ECHO - 2017

This Bluebird Wants Me Dead - 2014

Satchels & Beards - 2010

Luna - 2008

Band Information


Cody Coud - Lead Vocals, Guitars
Isaac Pearson - Guitars, Vocals
Tony Hull - Bass Guitar
Kerry Bainum - Drums
Cale Gubitz - Keyboards



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